Firestorm Intelligence solutions panel imageFirestorm Intelligence Solutions provides organizations and schools the ability to identify threats before they materialize and become reality by utilizing Predictive Intelligence.

Firestorm conducts merged media (new, social and traditional media) monitoring before, during and after a crisis or disaster to provide Predictive Actionable Intelligence™ to support response strategies and facilitate Critical Decision Support. These services can be based on specific hazards, specific geographies and specific events.

Each hazard is defined and assessed in a manner that can be compared across the spectrum of negative events through a customized collection and analysis process in order to deliver the most appropriate advice and recommendations to a school or organization’s crisis management team.

In addition, the reactive trends in social media and traditional media are assessed for reach acceleration and context as well as sentiment and how these trends impact the organization related to outrage, fault and fear.

These elements are combined with the level of resiliency within an organization and community and can be assessed in order to determine the overall level of residual risk. All of this is designed to be actionable for management.

  • Real-time alerts and escalation reporting
  • Monitoring of situation through press conversations and surveys as needed
  • Identifying current, emerging and reactive risks
  • Guiding the assessment process for future security threats
  • Use for the development an understanding of the strategic needs
  • Establish understanding of key influencers and market players
  • Identifying competitive threats
  • Develop early warning measures
  • Making accurate judgments and assessments
  • Identifying opportunistic legal action
  • Coordination with crisis communications

This list is not all inclusive and depending on the nature of a crisis event, additional services may be needed. In the event Firestorm determines such additional services may be appropriate, Firestorm will seek approval for those services as part of the response process.

Services may be integrated with security and crisis management solutions in support of:

  • Risk / Threat Intelligence
  • Brand Intelligence
  • Financial Intelligence
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Operational intelligence
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Internal program development
  • Risk profile creation
  • Threat assessments
  • Escalation protocols and much more

Firestorm also employs Artificial Intelligence with other tools for Threat Intelligence related to Behaviors of Concern. Data-driven businesses need Intelligence Solutions to automate big analysis and knowledge transfer with speed and accuracy. Artificial Intelligence delivers new levels of clarity revealing causation, central topics, key events, and influential individuals – especially when there’s a high degree of data complexity.

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Let Us Help You Identify Threats Before a Crisis Occurs

  • Risk of Harm
  • Compliance/Legal Risk
  • Operating Risk
  • Reputation Risk

Firestorm provides predictive intelligence services for clients across a wide range of industries. Learn how we can make a difference in your organization.