Firestorm responds to crisis events and is incorporated into the response protocols of an organization while collaborating with insurance, legal support, and other response assets.Crisis Management Solutions vertical Banner

Our risk management and analytics are commonly used by insurers and others to quantify the overall risk. We engage and provide assistance in areas such as:

Based upon experience and supported by our Analytics Solutions, we know that crisis events occur in all industry verticals at all size organizations and can impact all levels. Firestorm Solutions are utilized throughout the lifecycle of a crisis and uniquely directed by C-level officers/directors of public companies with extensive experience in the insurance industry. This allows us to integrate fully into the management and response structure.

Firestorm has developed and utilizes a data-driven crisis management model which allows for this level of flexibility.

Firestorm Scale:

Global Expertise

We have served clients in 90+ countries

Critical Decision Support

We offer Critical Decision Support at the CXO and Board level

Expert Council™

The 100+ member council allows clients to connect with peers and access very specific knowledge resources.


Firestorm serves clients through 18 locations in the United States.

Solutions Board™

Firestorm utilizes pre-established human capital expertise to upsize resources on-demand

Extensive Reach

We maintain contact with more than 70,000 professionals globally; from young professionals to C-Suite and Board

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Meet the Crisis and Risk Solutions Team:

James (Jim) W. Satterfield is the CEO and co-founder of Firestorm®. Jim is a nationally recognized expert, keynote speaker and Jim Satterfield CEO Firestormauthor on crisis management, threat assessment, disaster preparedness and business continuity planning. He has experience as President, CEO and COO of various public and private companies in business continuity, communications, crisis management, environmental, insurance, reinsurance, risk management and technology. Jim has extensive expertise in the identification and quantification of risk.

Jim has led in the development of national standards for risk management, environmental risk and environmental due diligence. He has spoken to hundreds of groups on risk management, crisis management, governance, disaster planning and preparedness. Learn more about Jim.