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Quality and depth of data is essential in understanding how best to stay on the leading edge, manage business and become more competitive.

We have thousands of proprietary datasets to generate powerful insights that can be used to establish the foundation for all client initiatives and Firestorm Solutions.

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Peer Industry Reports

Firestorm Analytical Solutions offers customized Business Continuity Management compensation data research that allows organizations to properly benchmark their compensations.
Customized Research Data
Data is knowledge. Customized research data for the business continuity profession gets the attention your program deserves. The strength behind Firestorm custom reporting is the quality and depth of the data.

Benefits of Customized Data Research:

  • Offers an unbiased source on how your company compares to your defined peer group.
  • Provides an efficient research delivery mechanism.
  • Assists in building a roadmap to advance your program, meet goals, increase your program’s visibility and drive executive commitment.
  • Increases your program’s visibility and drive executive commitment.
  • Measures your program’s effectiveness compared to your peers.
  • Allows you to assess and/or elevate the maturity of your program.
  • Provides an unbiased source on how your program compares to the industry, specifically “like” organizations (based on your specifications) to assess best practices, staffing, budgeting, organizational structures, program maturity/ effectiveness and much more.

Our Reporting Methodology:

  • A personal assessment with a Firestorm representative to evaluate your program and goals behind obtaining customized data research.
  • Review and assess reports to ensure relevant and valuable data to benefit your program needs.
  • Customize and tailor your report to your peer group (your industry, size of company, company revenues and/or program maturity).

Business Continuity Management Peer Reports

Specific Data Inquiries – Customize your own report. Review a complete sample customized report and choose the BCM program awareness trends that will most impact your program and organization.

Staffing Index – Curious to know about the number of dedicated personnel among your peers? This report is an incredible resource when making a staffing business-case to executives.

Budget Review – Knowing how much to budget for your program can be a tricky question to answer. This report taps into a customized peer assessment based on your specifications. This is information you will want to have when speaking with your executives.


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