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Serving a global community in more than 90 countries, Firestorm responds to crisis situations of all types, assists senior leadership in critical decision support during an active crisis, and performs post-crisis event analyses to assure plans, policies and procedures are effective.

Based upon experience and supported by our analytics solutions, we know that crisis events occur in all industry verticals at all size organizations and can impact all levels.

Firestorm Solutions are utilized throughout the lifecycle of a crisis and uniquely directed by C-level officers/directors of public companies with extensive experience in the insurance industry. This allows us to integrate fully into the management and response structure.

We have developed and utilize a data-driven crisis management model which allows for an exceptional level of flexibility.

Our risk management and analytics are commonly used by insurers and others to quantify the overall risk.


Firestorm Solutions include:

Crisis Risk Solutions PNGCrisis & Risk Solutions

Firestorm responds to crisis events and is incorporated into the response protocols of the organization while collaborating with risk, insurance, legal support, and other response assets.

Analytical Solutions Vertical Icon PNGAnalytical Solutions

Quality and depth of data is essential in understanding how best to stay on the leading edge, manage business and become more competitive. Analytical Solutions include program management and maturity analysis, benchmarking and competitive analysis, compensation analysis, and peer reports to generate powerful insights and aid in critical decision support.

People Solutions Vertical Icon PNGPeople Solutions

Firestorm People Solutions is the only executive search practice that focuses in highly specialized business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management, risk management, and information security careers in combination with peer-to-peer and Expert Council Mentor services, personnel and young professional coaching development, project-based consulting, full-service consulting and all aspects of workforce selection, on-boarding, development and succession planning.

Intelligence Solutions Vertical Icon RH PNGArtificial Intelligence Solutions

Firestorm Artificial Intelligence Solutions provide the ability to utilize AIaaS and to foster data-driven Crisis and Risk Management. Data driven businesses need artificial intelligence to automate big analysis and knowledge transfer with speed and accuracy. Artificial Intelligence delivers new levels of clarity revealing causation, central topics, key events, and influential individuals – especially when there’s a high degree of data complexity.

Security Solutions Vertical Icon PNGSecurity Solutions

The Firestorm Security Solutions team is comprised of highly trained, former US Secret Service Agents who deliver Virtual Chief Security Officer support, security consulting and training, behavioral risk – BERTHA program, active shooter/deadly weapons assessments, construction and pre-construction security assessment services, engineered construction, critical incident response training, and emergency response plan and site assessment.

Professional Services Solutions Vertical Icon PNGProfessional Services

Firestorm Professional Services Solutions can be applied to cyber risk management, conducting benchmark/gap analyses, custom plan development, plan and team exercises including virtual, decision-based and functional, program structure and development, and the development of internal tools and templates.

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