Firestorm Welcomes Newest Crisis Authorities to Expert Council

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Firestorm is pleased to announce the two newest appointees to the Expert Council

Firestorm Welcomes Newest Crisis Authorities to its Expert Council

Please meet:

Steve Crimando ThumbSteven M. Crimando, MA, CTS, CHS-V, is an internationally known consultant and educator specializing in the application of the behavioral sciences in homeland and private security, violence prevention, crisis management, and disaster response.  

He is the Principal of Behavioral Science Applications, an innovative operational risk management consulting firm serving a global client base. Steve is a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress (BCETS), a Diplomate of the National Center for Crisis Management, the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, and the International College for the Behavioral Sciences, where he serves as an officer on the Board of Directors. Read Steve’s Full Bio

DrBraun ThumbThe Director of the Violence Prevention AgencyViolence Prevention Agency is Dr. Tau Braun (Ed.D., M.Sc., EMT). Dr. Braun is a South African registered Clinical Psychologist and Violence Prevention Specialist. As Director, Dr. Tau Braun manages the operations, personnel, partnerships, and budget of the VPA.

Dr. Braun earned his Doctorate in Education with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. His dissertation explored the relationship between organizational culture and the implementation of strategies for Workplace Violence Prevention. Dr. Braun is a graduate of the Advanced Threat Assessment and Threat Management Academy of Gavin De Becker and Associates. He has trained with Lt. Col. Grossman, Capt. Robert Martin, Dr. Reid Meloy and Lt. Tom Taylor in Advanced Threat Assessment and Threat Management and with Dr. Stephen White and Dr. Reid Meloy in Workplace Assessment for Violence Risk. Read Dr. Braun’s Full Bio

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