Terry Sinclair

Maritime and Aviation Operations

Terry SinclairTerry Sinclair was a US Coast Guard Senior Executive with 35 years leadership, maritime and aviation operations, command & control, intergovernmental and community affairs, engineering, logistics and human resources management experience.  Terry has extensive practical experience in port security operations, air and surface operations and is a recognized expert in governmental policy formulation, strategic development, operational planning, budgeting, communicating and team building.  Combining his US Coast Guard experience with fourteen years at Boeing, most recently as a Senior Manager in Boeing’s Defense, Space and Security Company, Terry brings a sophisticated approach to senior level communication, leadership, and personnel management in support of intelligence information sharing systems.

Experience highlights include:

Coast Guard Maritime Operations
As Coast Guard Northwest District Chief Operations Officer, and as District Chief of Staff, Terry initiated, evaluated, and implemented numerous technological innovations.  He directly supervised three multi-mission Group/Air Stations, two other Groups, the overarching Command/Operations Coordination Center, the US’ largest Vessel Traffic Service, and three aids-to-navigation ships.  As Chief of Staff, he directly supervised all staff elements including Operations and Law Enforcement, Response, Prevention, Environmental Protection, Vessel Safety and Port Security, liaison to US Navy forces and to Canadian counterparts, Reserve components, and was the Department of Transportation’s Regional Emergency Transportation Response Coordinator (RETCO) included calling up and deploying a multi-DOT agency deployment to a storm and interstate flooding of national interest.  Terry organized and led a diversity of crisis action planning and incident response execution teams for many complex port security & maritime interdiction operations.  Maritime Operations included partnering with Canadian Coast Guard, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Transport Canada & Canadian Defense Forces, and US Defense Services/Agencies.

Terry commanded Group/Air Stations in Washington and California – besides the aviation unit, these Groups included patrol vessels and boat stations, and missions from rescue to law enforcement to port security and marine environmental protection.

Other assignments included:  Facilities Engineer at USCG Group/Air Station San Diego leading major replacement and facilities upgrades, Planning Officer on a District staff, working closely with local governments and federal agencies, 17 years multi-mission helicopter pilot from Nome, Alaska to Los Cabos, Mexico, and as ship deck operations officer on icebreaker deployments to Greenland and Antarctica.

Boeing Advanced Systems Experience
Terry served for three years as Boeing’s Deepwater Program’s Concept of Operations Lead, winning government reimbursement award for work, one of only two teams so rewarded.  He negotiated for and won Boeing a role on USCG’s R&D Center Operations Analysis contract. He was Boeing’s Capture Lead and Proposal Manager for small Automated Scene Understanding (sensor data fusion) port security demonstration contract and lead a Nationwide Automatic ID System (NAIS) pursuit including shaping federal requirements from “components” to a systems integration opportunity.  Terry served as a member of a Boeing Washington Strategy Analysis Group (2011) and on a Phantom Works Future Security Environment Study (2011), each invited analysis participation to help guide Boeing investment. He was cleared to support application of several intelligence and information sharing technologies to Department of Defense elements and US Northern Combatant Command.  Terry was the primary customer interface to US Coast Guard for Boeing Support Systems’ aviation systems program, and to US Coast Guard for Autonomous Unmanned Systems.

Terry recently retired as Senior Manager supervising a team of Technical Fellows serving a range of special programs for new technology applications.