Robert Cox

Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease Keynote Speaker and Expert

Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease Expert Robert CoxDr. Robert Cox blends medical expertise, professional speaking and a passion for making complex topics understandable . . . a unique combination of skills.

Dr. Cox is double Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. He graduated with honors and Phi Beta Kappa from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. He received his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, where he stayed for his Internal Medicine Internship and Residency. His Infectious Diseases Fellowship was completed at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Cox practiced medicine in Denver for 22 years, consulting in Infectious Diseases at six area hospitals. Concurrent with his private practice, he chaired committees dealing with Infection Control and Antibiotic Utilization at several hospitals. Additionally, he served on committees at the hospital, local and state levels developing HIV-related policies and procedures during the first decade of the AIDS era.

Among the thousands of patients he treated were many who were recognizable either by name or by circumstances. Athletes included winners of the Heisman Trophy, the Kentucky Derby and Olympic medals. Victims of tragedy included many of the children critically injured at Columbine High School.

Outside of his medical practice, Dr. Cox was a leader in the development of several healthcare-related companies. His expertise in both clinical practice and business led to his recognition at the local, state and national levels in such publications as 5280 Magazine, Guide to Top Doctors, America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals, and Who’s Who.

As a professional speaker since 1980, Dr. Cox has addressed countless audiences throughout the country on biomedical topics. He is a member of the National Speakers Association, as well as serving on the Board of the Colorado chapter, where he was the 2006-7 Member of the Year.

In 2002, Dr. Cox founded BioForecasts. He now works with corporations and associations as a speaker, author and consultant, providing insight into the Biological Future. As such, he helps organizations recognize and understand the complex biological and medical advances on the horizon. The focus is upon not just what these are, but more importantly upon preparing for the events and developments which will impact their operations and their survival.

In 2008, Dr. Cox joined the Expert Council of Firestorm. Using his medical background, he focuses upon biological hazards such as Pandemic Influenza and Bioterrorism, helping clients recognize the potential impact of such events upon their businesses and their industries.

Dr. Robert Cox presents not just a glimpse into a possible future, but rather he paints a clear picture of what is certain to become our new reality. His programs blend personal experience, extensive historical review and cutting-edge research, transporting your audience forward from current trends to their inevitable conclusions. Each program is customized specifically to carry maximum relevance and value for the client, as scientific facts and vision are intertwined with stories, personal experiences and humor. Perspectives are challenged and shifted so that your audience will never view their world the same again.

BioForecast: Why biological advances will revolutionize your world
Most people consider it an advantage to know what is to come. Consider your finances, your career, your choice of a spouse. If college students 30 years ago could have seen the future, there would have been a lot more Computer Science majors! How will you behave differently if you are given the chance to see your biological future? Will it impact your choices? This dynamic presentation will help you understand that your children, your grandchildren and all future generations will benefit if you choose more wisely now. Technological advances will occur, but you will influence how quickly they are accepted, as well as how long they might be postponed. Through this overview program Dr. Robert Cox helps you learn about your “Personal Price of Progress” as well as your “Personal Price of Postponement”. Then you will decide which price you are willing to pay.

Don’t be an Ostrich: Vaccinate your business against Avian flu
As Avian (“bird”) flu evolves, we could experience the single most impactful biological event in human history to date! This new virus is progressing from birds to people, and our susceptible global population could be devastated by a pandemic. The impact will go far beyond whether you personally become ill. Every industry, profession and career will be affected…some positively, but most negatively! We have a unique opportunity today. This is the first time in the history of the planet when we can see a pandemic on the horizon and take action before it hits. Do you have a Business Continuity Plan in place that will withstand such a devastating event? In this motivating program, Dr. Cox demonstrates “Why” you and your business need to take action, “What” needs to be done, and “When” you need to do it!

Will Your Clients Run Out Of Money Before They Run Out Of Time?
Aimed at the Financial Services Industry, this program explores the many ways biological developments will impact the way financial representatives will do business in the future. Approaching this subject from multiple points of view…the patient, the physician and the client…Dr. Cox demonstrates how strategic changes will be necessary if financial professionals wish to keep pace with biotech and medical advances. Going beyond the graying of America, this provocative program emphasizes personalized longevity calculations and new life planning models for dealing with clients. Insights into scientific progress are blended with stories of unique medical experiences…all clearly demonstrating why change is inevitable! Financial service professionals will be challenged to look differently at how they see their own careers going forward.

Can You Really Afford To Live To Be 100?
One of the Universal BioConcepts is that people want to live as long as they can, as long as they can live well. While medical science is doing everything it can to facilitate living longer, society has not prepared for the real impact that will follow. The fastest growing segment of our population is now the group entering their 100’s. Imagine what will happen when the Baby Boomers reach this point! Retirement by age 65 will have become a thing of the past. Dr. Cox illustrates the staggering economic consequences of living longer, and he shows why you must be prepared to answer some tough questions. Who will pay for your healthcare? What will happen to your Social Security? Will pensions bankrupt companies, or will companies bankrupt pensions? Will you run out of money before you run out of time? In this fascinating program you will learn how these issues impact everything from insurance to retirement funds, and how financial choices may ultimately become life and death decisions!

Can We Balance Our Future Science With Our Present Morality?
We have a dilemma! The more steadfast we are in our current way of thinking, the greater the obstacles we place in the way of scientific progress. Likewise, the more tightly we hold onto our current morality, the greater the challenge we will face when that morality is found to be in conflict with technology, or necessity. Cloning, genetic modification of food and designer babies are examples of controversial topics that currently affect few people. But what will you do when these and other technologies are poised to affect the masses…for good or for bad? Dr. Cox will help you see the significance and the magnitude of this dilemma, and he will present options as to possible courses of action. This unique program will challenge you to explore your beliefs, to question what lies beneath the tip of the iceberg and to view morality not just in terms of the past and present, but from the perspective of the future.

BioTerrorism: What Every American Needs To Know
BioTerrorism is here to stay, and it is naïve to think otherwise. Like it or not, this technology has moved from the laboratory to the arsenal, and from the military to the terrorists. BioTerrorism is cheap and effective, and it will impact both individuals and businesses. Pretending this form of terrorism doesn’t exist won’t make it go away, so we must learn to deal with it, just as we learned to deal with nuclear weapons. We have accepted metal detectors at our airports, and we will soon see “biodetectors” in similar use. What will follow? Through this presentation Dr. Cox will show you where we are, how we got here and where we are going. You will leave enlightened and empowered to choose between acting and reacting.