Ralph Diner

Clinical Psychopharmacologist

Dr Ralph Diner Firestorm Expert Council MemberDr Ralph Diner and Hero the Therapy DogDr. Ralph Diner, Ph.D., M.S.C.P. is one of several hundred psychologists in the U.S. who have received post-doctoral training in Clinical Psychopharmacology and has earned the title of Medical Psychologist. He maintains a large part of his practice working pro bono with dying people and their families for Vitas Innovative Hospice. Dr. Diner received honors from the Mayor of Los Angeles and state Senators for his volunteer work in his community. He was instrumental in setting up the Pet Partners program for hospice and that is what attracted the attention that eventually garnered the rewards. He has a strong background in Behavioral Medicine, and the treatment of grief and trauma. Dr. Diner worked with Firestorm at Virginia Tech after the shootings. In his early career he was head of Volunteers at the Psych Services of the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinics and later began the Metabolic Nutrition Program with clinics around the U.S.