Phil Wexler

Media Expert, Author, Speaker’s Hall of Fame

Phillip Wexler Author and Keynote SpeakerExpert Council Member Phil Wexler is a Professional Speaker, Author & Film Personality. Phil is one of America’s most exciting and entertaining speakers. He literally charms his audiences into absorbing the Non Manipulative Sellingwealth of knowledge and experience he shares with contagious energy.

A professional speaker for twenty-five years, Phil has delivered over 2500 speeches to Salespeople, Managers, Professionals and Executives of industrial, commercial and professional organizations worldwide.

He is listed in Sales & Marketing Management Magazine as “a speaker who’ll set ’em cheering.” An author, video and audio personality, and recipient of the coveted C.P.A.E., awarded by the National Speakers Association to fewer than 200 of its 4000+ members and an inductee to the Speakers Hall of Fame, Phil is a polished professional who has proven his ability to deliver a successful presentation…every time.

Phil is the co-author of the best selling business book Non-Manipulative Selling, hailed as “the best sales book of the times” which approaches selling as a set of communications skills that turn prospects into long term customers.

His Selling With Service program, also called Marketing Is A Philosophy, Not A Department, focuses on action ideas guaranteed to have a significant impact on the way you and your employees think about customer service.

Phil and his ideas are featured in numerous other books, audio and video programs, including The Quest for Quality, Speaking of Success, The Art of Professional Serving, Six Figure Selling, and the college text, Selling By Objectives.