Paul DeSanctis

Business Continuity

PAUL DESANCTIS CBCPPaul DeSanctis, CBCP is a retired police lieutenant and certified business continuity professional, who lives and works as a consultant in southeastern Pennsylvania. During his career with the Philadelphia Police Department, he served at many disaster scenes and was eye-witness to the suffering and hardship that sudden and unexpected catastrophe can bring upon its victims. His last three years with the department were spent as commanding officer of the computer assisted dispatching unit responsible for the automated dispatching of all police vehicles to the scene of crime, accident, or other emergency. It was a job that left a permanent impression on him of the importance of emergency management and response preparedness.

Upon retiring from the department, Paul entered the business world and took a position as a computer analyst in the financial services industry. He managed computer operations for a number of years at various companies and learned the necessity of having a good disaster recovery plan in place. It was not uncommon to have a system failure, power outage, or weather emergency that would disrupt operations necessitating fail over to the recovery plan. In his recent professional experience, he was given responsibility for managing his company’s total business recovery and continuity program. By then, the concept of disaster recovery had widened beyond computer systems to include the resumption and continuance of all business operations as its primary and most important objective.

In addition to his consulting business, Paul teaches operations management and management science to senior level business students and working adults at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. He holds an AB in Mathematics and an MA in Math and Computer Science from Temple University. In addition, he has completed Ph D studies at Drexel University in Information Sciences. He is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Association and various community groups, where he spreads the message to “be prepared” reminiscent of his younger days with the Boy Scouts of America. That motto has always stayed with him.