Neca Smith

Workplace Violence Prevention – Crisis Conflict Resolution

Neca C. Smith, LPC, Ed.S., CAMS Neca Smith Workplace Violence Conflict ResolutionNeca C. Smith, LPC, Ed.S., CAMS is the Principal of AidevO People Consulting, LLC and is responsible for creating and delivering customized solutions to individuals and businesses in need of behavioral change. With 10 years of experience in organizational soft-skill training, workplace readiness program development, counseling and behavioral coaching, Neca has assisted numerous individuals and businesses in making positive transformations in their work and personal lives.

Neca has worked with individuals from various walks of life and has found that the need for improvement and behavior change is common to all who seek growth. She understands that often people are hired for their ability to produce results but are often fired for their inability to engage with others respectfully, elicit productive behaviors in conflict and adapt to change. Neca approaches consulting and coaching assignments from a cognitive behavioral perspective in order to establish groundwork for change and development.

Neca received her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Health Care Management from Florida A&M University. She also obtained both an M.S. & Ed.S. in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University. Her credentials include: Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Georgia, National Certified Counselor, Certified Anger Management Specialist and Certified Professional in Managing Workplace Conflict.

Though our client list is confidential due to the nature of our services many of our clients hail from varied backgrounds including: Sales, Finance, Medicine, Music Industry, Journalism, IT, etc. We have also provided training, consultation, and speaking services to the Riverdale Police Department, Polk County School Board (FL), Global Evaluation and Applied Research Solutions, Securus House, and Rockdale Medical Center to name just a few.