Michael Wewers

Former Special Agent with US Customs Service, Anti-Terrorism, CERT

Michael Wewers -Anti Terrorism ExpertMichael W. Wewers began his law enforcement career in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he grew up, first as a patrolman and then working his way up to detective in the Vice Squad.

After five years in the police force, Michael moved to Chicago, Illinois, then employed as an Inspector with I.R.S. Inspections Services, then on to Miami, Florida, where he served as a patrol officer and as a Special Agent with the United States Customs Service for 22 years. Several of his assignments involved various commands, including Chief of the Air Support Branch at Homestead Air Force Base, Acting District Director in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and a senior investigator with the Vice President’s Task Force (Bush 41). During this assignment he received the Vice President’s Award for his participation in helping to stem drug smuggling emanating from the Caribbean, Mexico and South America. Michael is most proud of the programs he wrote for the Customs Service, including Operation Boomer Falcon, Band Aid and Blue Lightning. He built and was the first director of the Blue Lightning Operations Center in Miami, a program where local, state and federal agencies combine as a major intelligence center with radars covering large portions of the eastern and southwestern borders of the United States. This operation required close coordination with the military, local, state, and federal agencies, including the CIA, NSA and others, as well as contractors such as GE, RCA, Raytheon, Motorola and Collins Radio. This operation was so successful that it is still in effect today. Michael also built and for a time supervised the first Regional Intelligence Center in the Miami region, returning to his permanent position as a Program Manager for Airport and Marine operations in the Miami District.

After moving to Georgia in 1992, thanks in part to Hurricane Andrew, Michael began a career as private investigator, instructor and presenter to law enforcement. Michael’s love of law enforcement led him to serve his community as a Reserve officer for both the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office and the Cumming Police Department. A passion for protecting children led to his volunteer work with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, where he traveled the country making presentations on their behalf at law enforcement conferences as well as to private organizations made up of individuals who have lost a child to abduction.

Michael is also a volunteer at the Senior Center in Cumming and he frequently gives presentations on issues of elder abuse, identity theft and disaster preparedness. For his work with Seniors Michael has received a Presidential Award (Bush 43). He has served on the Board of Directors for SALT (Seniors and Lawmen Together), L.E.A.D.E.R. (Lanier Extended Area Drivers Education Resource), and Age Well, all non-profit organizations.

After the events of 9/11, Michael obtained a national certification as an Antiterrorism Specialist and became a certified First Responder with the Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT).In addition to Michael’s many volunteer activities, he is currently employed as a System Status Controller at a private ambulance service.