John Nicoletti, Ph.D., ABPP

School and Workplace Violence Prevention

Violence Goes to CollegenicolettiJohn Nicoletti, Ph.D., ABPP: Dr. John Nicoletti received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Colorado State University in 1972. He co-founded Nicoletti-Flater Associates with his wife, Lottie Flater, in 1976. He has since established himself as a national expert in police psychology, violence risk assessment, workplace and school violence prevention, as well as crisis intervention and trauma recovery. Dr. Nicoletti has been asked to take part in several high profile investigations, including the Columbine High School and the Virginia Tech shootings.

More than 250 national corporations, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, schools, and religious institutions at the local, national, and international levels, have chosen to work with Dr. Nicoletti.

Since 1996, Dr. Nicoletti and staff have provided on-site psychological screenings and consultations at the U.S. bases of McMurdo and the South Pole in Antarctica. Also included in his list of clients are: the National Recognizance Office, NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Colorado School Districts.

Clients have the opportunity to work directly with Dr. Nicoletti and his staff of 12 through workshops, training seminars, and consultations. Dr. Nicoletti has also co-authored several books related to violence prevention, including: Violence Goes to Work, Violence Goes to School, and Violence Goes to College. His second edition of Violence Goes to College was published in 2010.

Violence Goes to SchoolThroughout his career, Dr. Nicoletti has been an invited speaker at numerous national conferences on violence. He was a guest speaker for the National Association of Attorney Generals. In addition, Dr. Nicoletti has been honored with many awards for his contributions to the field of psychology.

He is a recent recipient of the Antarctic Service Medal from the National Science Foundation. Dr. Nicoletti is a past Chair of the Psychology Section of the International Association of the Chiefs of Police. He has also been appointed to the Colorado Governor’s Commission on Expert Emergency Response as well as the Governor’s Juvenile Clemency Board. Dr. Nicoletti is also currently a member of NASA’s team for developing analog’s for training astronauts for long duration missions, such as the Mars Mission.

Dr. Nicoletti is consultant to many metro area police departments and has been intimately involved in detecting and responding to workplace/community violence like the Aurora Theater, Columbine and Platteville school shootings. He has also published several books on the subject including “Violence Goes to Work”, “Violence Goes to School” and “Violence Goes to Church”. Given his first hand experience at Columbine, Platteville and the Aurora Theater shootings, Dr. Nicoletti offers a rare and up close glimpse and insight into those and similar events. He will speak to methods of detection, survival and prevention of community violence. Contact this Firestorm Expert Council Member