John Jay Matchulat


John Jay Matchulat, Esq., practices “traditional” labor law, representing employers exclusively, from offices in Nashville, Tennessee. For the past twenty years, he has represented management interests in numerous labor disputes throughout the United States, appearing before federal and state courts, administrative agencies and arbitrators. Earlier in his career, he practiced for many years with the National Labor Relations Board, primarily as a trial specialist and supervisory attorney.

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 forced all Americans to the realization that previous unthinkable acts had become foreseeable. In its wake, Mr. Matchulat, as a management attorney, recognized that Corporate America would be compelled to acquire knowledge and experience in two related areas: first, an awareness and basic understanding of workplace liability issues posed by catastrophic events; second, the value of preparedness and the corresponding need for business continuity planning. He immediately undertook an exhaustive study of workplace violence, international and domestic terrorism, and the workplace ramifications of catastrophic events attributable to natural and human causes.

In this process, he encountered the numerous federal and state statutes, common law theories, and administrative rules and regulations which are implicated by and create legal exposure before, during and after catastrophic events affecting our workplaces. Five years later, Mr. Matchulat’s findings, conclusions and recommendations were set forth in the first edition of a reference manual for employers entitled, Workplace Catastrophes: An Employer’s Guide to Workplace Violence, Terrorism and Natural Disasters (M. Lee Smith Publishers, LLC). An expanded second edition was released in April 2009 based upon numerous events and legal developments since the first publication. In addition, Mr. Matchulat has written dozens of articles on these and related topics which appear in publications including, The Employee Relations Law Journal, Risk Management Magazine, and Human Resources (Thomson Publications).

Mr. Matchulat has been a frequent speaker before trade, professional and civic organizations on the legal implications of workplace catastrophes plus other labor and employment law topics. He has led webinars and conducted seminars on these topics for SHRM, Lorman Educational Services, M. Lee Smith Publishers, LLC, the Council for Education in Management, and Avant Resources. These presentations also address related issues such as corporate governance, crisis management, and continuity planning to deal with pandemics, criminal and domestic violence, international and domestic terrorism, and disasters attributable to nature and human error. Mr. Matchulat holds membership in numerous professional organizations and associations and has been listed for years in Best Lawyers in America.