Jack St. Genis


Continuity of Operations

Building businesses is a skill and a specialty at which Jack St.Genis excels. Since 1964, he has specialized in the development, reorganization and expansion of high-technology related businesses. Each product development and introduction success further developed his expertise and led to the next.

Mr. St.Genis grew up in an automotive family. His father was an executive at General Motors and then Chrysler for forty-one years. Jack started in the automobile business doing new car “get readies” at fifteen, progressing through the service department and body shop until he was promoted to selling cars while attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He optimized performance in cars and raced them until he entered the service in 1961. Mr. St.Genis has numerous trophies for drag racing from the NHRA and held an SCCA license. Recently he renewed his racing skills by and completing Skip Barber’s racing course at Lime Rock, Connecticut.

Previously, Mr. St.Genis served with distinction as an intelligence analyst and liaison officer in the U. S. Marine Corps and participated in the United States blockade of Cuba. At this point he started a career long relationship with DOD and the intelligence community. His final military assignment was as custodian of Lee Harvey Oswald’s Service Record Book for the Warren Commission at Glenview Naval Air Station.

After his release from active duty in the Marine Corps, Mr. St.Genis spent four years, starting on the creative side of the publishing and advertising businesses, moving quickly into account management. In 1968, his rapidly developing expertise on the client contact side of the business led him to a position as Regional Account Executive at the Campbell-Ewald Company on the General Motors/Chevrolet business. Here he was responsible for administration and coordination of Chevrolet’s regional and national advertising. He also coordinated market-by-market and dealer associated advertising and merchandising activities in a five-state region. And, he produced and appeared on camera as the Chevrolet spokesperson at NCAA and Green Bay Packer Television events. He was responsible for all cross promotions and events including STP and The Indianapolis 500.

His profile is that of the quintessential international marketer having introduced over 100 high technology and training products and completed more than thirty-five mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances and technology transfers. His experience in the Pacific Rim resourcing spans more than thirty years. Mr. St.Genis serves on several Boards of Directors, and is now Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Molecular Separations, Inc., a high technology company that removes tritium from nuclear wastewater.