Gerard Ferri

Media Expert, Web TV

Gerard Ferri of Safe and Secure TVOver the last 30 years, Gerard Ferri has been involved in the creation, support, and ongoing success of several broadcast, cable, and television networks, as well as marketing and communications campaigns.

At one phase or another, Ferri has either worked for, or has had as a client at his video production facilities, Discovery Channel, Black Entertainment Television, The Learning Channel, Ivana Trump’s 5th Avenue Channel, Shoptropolis TV, The Osmond Family Television Network, and The Parish Video Network, for which his Church Today program received the coveted Gabriel Award, which is the equivalent of an Oscar for religious programming.

In addition, Ferri has held senior management roles with Osmond Studios, Capitol Video, Five Star Productions and with Atlantic Video in Washington, D.C., which hosted a number of these successful cable television networks.

Internet Broadband Television

Building on his success in broadcasting, Ferri recently created Safe and Secure TV Channel, an Internet broadband television channel that will bring valuable information from the safety and security industry to viewers worldwide.

Safe and Secure TV Channel is already reaching a target audience of over 2 million unique visitors and 15 million-plus page views per month through its distribution relationships with Cygnus Publishing, 1105 Media and the Department of Homeland Security. Safe and Secure TV Channel will also be launching an e-magazine with Cygnus Publishing that will reach an additional 500,000-plus readers per issue.

Marketing and Fundraising

Ferri’s experience as a marketing executive covers the areas of direct marketing and infomercial campaigns, advertising and public relations, artist management and representation, major motion picture distribution and marketing, and the creation and implementation of national and local special events, which have generated more than $2.5 billion in revenues.

As a venture capital broker, Ferri has raised millions of dollars for political causes and charities including the Drug-Free All Stars Foundation, the Children’s Miracle Network, and Donny Osmond Entertainment Corporation.