Elizabeth Nichols

Security Metrics

Elizabeth Nichols Security Metrics ExpertElizabeth Nichols, Ph.D. (aka Betsy) is Co-Founder and CTO of PlexLogic LLC. Over her career which includes positions at university, civilian government, private enterprise, and several start-ups, she has applied mathematics and computer technologies to create systems for war gaming, space craft mission planning, industrial process control, network and systems management, and most recently, security metrics. She has started three companies, the most recent being PlexLogic. Founded in 2008, PlexLogic offers a Metrics On-Demand service called MetricsCenter which offers both a for-profit security metrics service at www.metricscenter.net as well as an open and free public resource for security metrics at www.MetricsCenter.org. In the area of security metrics, she has helped organize several MetriCon and MetriSEC Workshops and has contributed chapters on security metrics to three books: Andrew Jaquith’s book published by Addison-Wesley in 2007, “Beautiful Security” published by O’Reilly in April 2009, and an upcoming book with Caroline Wong to be published by McGraw-Hill. Betsy graduated with an A.B. from Vassar College and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Duke University.