David Bernstein

Forensic Psychology

S David Bernstein Forensic PsychologyS. David Bernstein, Psy.D is a forensic psychologist who has attended training with the Secret Service and consults with the FBI and other state and federal law enforcement agencies. He has particular expertise in Threat Assessment, Corporate Risk Management, and Deceit Detection, and is the president of Forensic Consultants, LLC. He has held appointments at Yale University School of Medicine and Harvard University Medical School, where he completed his residency in Forensic Psychology in the Department of Law and Psychiatry.

Dr. Bernstein has conducted several hundred forensic interviews throughout his career ranging from organized crime figures to convicted murderers. Through the use of verbal and nonverbal deceit detection skills, such as Statement Analysis and Cortical-Limbic Stress detection, Dr. Bernstein is able to assess the likelihood of whether an individual is being forthcoming or is attempting to evade the truth.

On the corporate level, Dr. Bernstein is frequently retained by companies and individuals going through the Due Diligence process to assess whether the individuals they are negotiating with are withholding information or misrepresenting facts.

Dr. Bernstein has conducted training lectures and workshops for state and government law enforcement agencies throughout the United States including the North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council, (NEMLEC) and NEMLEC’s School Threat Assessment and Response System project (STARS). In October 2010 Dr. Bernstein had the honor of being the keynote presenter for a conference on Student Threat Assessment and Dangerousness hosted by the Indiana School Safety Specialist Academy and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In August 2011 he presented at The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals annual Threat Management conference, hosted by the Los Angeles Police Department, and the LAPD’s Threat Management Unit.

He has appeared on television news programs where he has given expert commentary concerning issues of workplace violence, corporate risk management, and psychopathy, including the Anne Le murder at Yale University, the Omar Thornton mass murder at Hartford Distributors, and the Albert DeSolvo serial murders (Boston Strangler).

Dr. Bernstein was part of an elite group of dangerousness experts invited to participate in a think tank for the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) that resulted in their national publication on workplace violence (Workplace Violence Prevention Strategies and Research Needs. NIOSH publication number 2006-144).

He has testified nationally in state and federal courts as a forensic expert. He has been cited in Connecticut case law, which was published in the Connecticut Law Journal, and recognized by the Connecticut Law Tribune as one of the best legal consultants in the state for five consecutive years.

Dr. Bernstein has performed hundreds of threat assessments and training workshops for corporations throughout the United States. He is frequently sought out to consult with human resource managers and corporate counsel on matters of workplace violence and corporate risk management. He is among a select group of service providers recognized in the Homeland Security Resource Directory as providing Threat Assessment and Corporate Risk Management services nationally to corporations, educational institutions, and goverment agencies.

He is uniquely qualified to provide various risk management services such as evaluating potential for workplace violence, sexual harassment, employee separation, and consulting on policies and procedures regarding workplace violence.

Dr. Bernstein is a full member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, the American Psychological Association, American Psychology-Law Society (APA Div 41), Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Association, American Society of Trial Consultants, and is certified by the National Center for Crisis Management in Corporate Crisis Response.