Charles Francis Bacon

Charles Francis Bacon, Polymath, Servicing Knowledge and Innovation

Charles Francis Bacon has more than 40 years of wide-ranging experience in business and technology at Board and C-suite levels, and is a leading expert in multiple fields. He has managed numerous businesses, strategic alliances and nonprofits, is a proficient corporate engineer and financial engineer, an advanced technologist, and has extensive experience across most industries. As a multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary polymath, he is equally comfortable in scientific environments and corporate boardrooms.

Mr. Bacon has worked as a business and technology advisor to more than 1,000 companies, including British Aerospace, IBM, Rockwell, Boeing, TRW, Pepsi-Cola, Hughes and General Electric, assisting clients with decisions ranging from the simplest to the most complex, ranging from start-ups to the largest multinationals, advising on projects and transactions exceeding $15 billion in market values over several decades. Specializing in comprehensive and highly creative advisory services for forward-thinking firms and individuals, he has assisted business, industry and private clients solve complex business and technology problems; acquire debt and equity capital; reduce risks, losses and exposure; and increase profits and ongoing success.

He is the Founder of Due Diligence, Inc., Novum Institute, International Telescope Museum, International Vacuum Tube Museum, Novum Consulting Group, Merchant Banking International, Fraud Busters, Inc. (FBI), and the Synectics Group.

Mr. Bacon has devoted the past several decades to applying his research into new forms of artificial intelligence, ultra-large scale data and information systems, general systems theory, high-performance computing, complexity theory, and other disciplines to develop the science, engineering and foundations for the new science, Emergent Intelligence. His work shows how decision making does not consist of a narrow focus or one-time projects, but a much larger commitment of organizations to understand all decisions, to know how those decisions are made, to making those decisions having access to comprehensive and constantly updated real time information with feedback. Traditional methods of decision making measure only limited aspects. Instead Bacon sees the modern world as demanding this fundamentally new paradigm, capable of measuring all of the constantly changing qualities and attributes of the increasing variety of organizations and the environments within which they fail or succeed.

Mr. Bacon has written and spoken on such topics as business decision making, traditional due diligence, next generation due diligence, mergers & acquisitions, venture capital, artificial intelligence, competitive intelligence and technology transfer.

His scientific scope involves the complex world, and the intersections with people and the organizations that people create. Starting with what Bacon calls evolutionary adaptive classification he creates a technologically complex yet logical, clear and understandable information foundation of organizations. He then blends with evident competence a profusion of scientific disciplines… complexity, chaotic systems, cybernetics, nonlinear dynamics, positive feedback systems, concept mining, combinatorial dynamics, matrices, topology, polyhedral dynamics, population geography, visualization rendering of complex mathematical objects, algebraic geometry, social psychology, symbolic logic, catastrophe theory and natural systems to move beyond the current ways of making organizational management decisions, his Emergent Intelligence scientific method at work. Bacon thinks of organizations as living systems to be interacted with and within, not acted on. Organizations succeed through building systematic, logical and precise decision making within every person, every component, and every aspect of organizations. Processing knowledge versus merely accessing and presenting data, organizations prosper through ongoing, ever-adapting and ever-evolving programs of meticulous decision making.

Mr. Bacon foresees the day when every decision maker at every level of organization is making non-biased and scientific decisions, giving people and organizations true agility to survive and succeed in an ever more complex world.

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