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VAIS and Firestorm Present: 2017 – The Year in Crisis Review

December 12, 2017 @ 10:00 am - 10:45 am EST

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Over the course of a year, hundreds of crises occur. This year alone we witnessed violence at concerts in Las Vegas and Manchester; vehicles being used as weapons in New York City and Virginia, and former disgruntled employees opening fire in a Charleston, SC restaurant and Fiamma in Orlando, FL.

We cannot, however, overlook the non-violent crises. From natural disasters to cyber issues like the Equifax breach, crises have greatly affected organizations – both large and small.

What have we learned in the last 365 days?

If not handled in an appropriate manner, a crisis can dramatically impact an organization’s profitability, reputation or ability to operate. Decisions made during a time of crisis effect everyone that interacts with your organization. Don’t let your first response become the second crisis.

Join Firestorm Co-Founder and President, Jim Satterfield, as he discusses and reflects upon the crisis events of 2017.

About Firestorm:

Firestorm® is America’s Crisis Coach®. Since 2005, Firestorm has assisted clients in transforming crisis into value. The Firestorm PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® methodology combines best-practice consulting with proven crisis management expertise, empowering clients to manage risk and crisis.

Firestorm assesses, audits, develops, trains and tests strategies and programs encompassing emergency response, business continuity, crisis management and crisis communications/PR. Firestorm demonstrates thought leadership in workplace violence prevention, cyber-breach response, communicable illness/pandemic planning, predictive intelligence and every preparedness initiative.

Firestorm has worked with hundreds of schools to keep tens of thousands of students safer. Firestorm provided crisis management and crisis communications services to Virginia Tech after the shootings and more recently to Littleton, CO, Roswell, NM and Jefferson County School District in Colorado (location of Columbine) among others.

You must register via Go To Webinar for this event at this URL: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1799134554523312643

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Since 2005, Firestorm has assisted clients by responding to some of the largest and most complex critical incidents. Our highly-trained team is an industry leader in providing custom safety and security solutions. Firestorm empowers its clients to manage security risks through assessments, audits, program development, training and advisory services using our PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® methodology.