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Firestorm Presents: ‘Something’ is not enough – Prevent Violence from Entering Your Doors (For Business)

August 16, 2018 @ 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm EDT

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We all want to stop workplace violence – but how?Reserve your seat button

The key to change is implementing a process for identifying those on a path to violence and intervention before the weapon arrives.

The workplace violence solution is behavior. The solution can be found in understanding behavior, not adding modalities to limit casualties. When asked, every organization states, “we have something.” Something is not enough. Looking at banning certain types of firearms or active shooter training is something — if properly implemented, that may reduce the number of deaths —but is not a total solution.

We must respond when behavioral warning signs first arise before the violent act occurs. Without this change, we will continue to see more violence and loss of life in our workplaces. No one wants to call a family and share that their loved one is not coming home today.

Join Firestorm leadership in this 45-minute webinar as we discuss the 9-element formula to prevent incidents of violence in our workplaces. Learn more about the formula at sharetheformula.com

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