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Emergency Preparedness Planning Workshop for Health Care Organizations – Lipscomb University

September 29 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EDT

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CMS “Final Rule” Compliance Workshop – Emergency Preparedness Planning Workshop for Health Care Organizations


Firestorm CEO and President, Jim Satterfield, will be joining Dr. Robert Chandler of Lipscomb University to present a day-long training session regarding CMS Compliance. The session will be held at the Spark: Lipscomb’s Idea Center (Cool Springs Location) in Franklin, TN on Friday, September 19.

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The Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) 42 CFR Parts 403, 416, 418, et al. has stipulated the revised Final Rule Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers and Suppliers. There is a consensus that the previous emergency preparedness requirements were generally insufficient in the face of the emerging needs of the patients, staff and communities, and do not address inconsistency in the level of emergency preparedness amongst all types of healthcare providers.

This new rule also establishes a consistent framework that mandates incorporation of best practices and lessons learned in emergency preparedness. The rule details the 17 types of “facilities” that are covered under the regulation. This final rule will be enforceable as of November 15, 2017, and failure to comply will cause loss of all Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. No extensions are anticipated.

Join Lipscomb professor Dr. Robert Chandler and Firestorm President Jim Satterfield as they address key four core components of the new CMS requirement of an effective organization and facility emergency preparedness framework.

The workshop will cover CMS stipulations and compliance documentation requirements such as:

  • Key Essentials for Providing Health Care in Emergencies
  • Risk Assessment and Emergency Planning
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Emergency Communication Plan
  • Training and Testing
  • Safeguarding human resources
  • Ensuring operational continuity
  • Protecting physical resources

This “train-the-trainer” program will combine an informational seminar with an interactive workshop plus provide participants with proven template planning tools that should enable to fulfill emergency preparedness requirements and document the same in a regulatory compliance review. In addition, participants will be offered an opportunity for access to ongoing virtual training, virtual exercises, and Crisis STOP™ (24/7 support in a crisis) after completing the workshop.


8 a.m. – Continental Breakfast
8:30 a.m. – Seminar Presentation: CMS Final Rule Requirements
9:45 a.m. – Networking Coffee Break
10 a.m. – Seminar Presentation: CMS Final Rule Requirements
11:45 a.m. – Break
Noon – Networking Lunch
1 p.m. – Interactive Activity Using Template Planning Tools
2:30 p.m. – Networking Break
2:45 p.m. – Interactive Activity Using Template Planning Tools
4 p.m. – “Hot Wash” Seminar and Interactive Activity Debriefing
4:45 p.m. – Seminar End

BONUS: Post Workshop Offerings for Registered Participants

For all registered participants, Firestorm will independently certify final rule compliance for healthcare organizations based upon planners, managers or executives’ completion of this workshop, and the use of the approved templates, completion of required training, and completion of a test exercise under an annual license fee.

Firestorm Initial Plan Assessment & Findings Report (Note: the customary $1,500 Assessment fee waived, if one of the three options below is selected)

Three Planning Options (Note: Includes Renewable Annual License, Certification, Updates, Quarterly Virtual Training, Crisis STOP™ Virtual Assistance, and a Virtual Exercise):

  • Two-day Workshop with Templates with Virtual Training & Exercise
  • Two-day Workshop with Templates with Virtual Training & Exercise & CRISIS COACH® assistance
  • Turnkey Plan with Onsite and/or Virtual Training & Exercise

Friday, September 29
8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.
SPARK Cool Springs location
Speaker: Jim Satterfield, president and CEO of Firestorm
Cost: $495

About the speakers:

James (Jim) Satterfield President and CEO of Firestorm

James Satterfield is a nationally recognized expert, keynote speaker and author on crisis management, threat assessment, disaster preparedness and business continuity planning. As President, CEO and COO of various public and private companies in business continuity, communications, crisis management, environmental, insurance, reinsurance, risk management and technology, Satterfield has extensive expertise in the identification and quantification of risk. He has led in the development of national standards for risk management, environmental risk and environmental due diligence, and has spoken to hundreds of groups on risk management, crisis management, governance, disaster planning and preparedness. Satterfield’s analysis and experience in working with thousands of businesses has led to the creation of the Firestorm PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® method, the foundation of all Firestorm programs, services and initiatives. During his programs, Satterfield emphasizes promoting and enforcing a culture of preparedness to protect an organization’s assets, brand/reputation, revenues and enterprise value. Under his leadership, the Firestorm team provided the crisis and media management support at Virginia Tech in response to the shootings, as well as hundreds of other client crisis engagements. Satterfield has also co-authored Disaster Ready People For A Disaster Ready America, a book that guides individuals in developing their own preparedness plans at home.

Robert C. Chandler, Lipscomb University

Dr Robert Chandler 2015 bioRobert Chandler is the leading internationally recognized expert on communication topics related to disaster, crisis and emergency contexts. His more than 30 years of illuminating relevant research into a wide range of human performance variables including communication processes, messages, comprehension, understanding, warnings, decision-making, teamwork, leadership and other important aspects of human behavior has been applied in a wide range of practical applications and as solutions for overcoming fundamental challenges. He is also a renowned speaker and presenter, accomplished trainer and valued consultant. Well regarded for his insights and applications of theory and research findings to address practical applications, he is highly sought after for his knowledge, skills and expertise by private and public sector organizations, businesses and leading associations as a consultant, trainer, presenter and solution oriented problem-solver. Chandler’s relevant subject matter expertise also focuses on message variables, comprehension, sources of confusion, conflict and misunderstanding, cognitive and affective variables for effective communication and the influence of modality on effectiveness. He has produced nine books and more than 175 scholarly and professional white papers and other published resources. He has consulted globally with public and private sector entities as well as with leading emergency communication solutions providers. His proprietary human behavioral models and normative communication templates are widely used as communication problem solutions. He is a widely lauded speaker and presenter to professional audiences in both the public and private sectors.


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Spark: Lipscomb’s Idea Center
3252 Aspen Grove Dr
Franklin, TN 37067
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