Disaster Ready People, Inc. adheres to a three-step disaster preparedness process: Evaluate. Equip. Empower. We begin each step with our definition of the heading term and include an abbreviated explanation of what you will have accomplished upon completion of each step.

We use the verb “Evaluate” to imply action is required on your part. According to Webster’s Dictionary, evaluate means to “determine the significance, worth, or condition of…usually by careful appraisal and study.” This is what we will help you do as it relates to the disaster vulnerabilities for which you are at risk.

We have developed a virtual treasure trove of information for this very purpose. Why not look through all the resources provided under “Hot Links” right now to get an idea of what we have assembled for your use? Whether you directly access pertinent information for your Personal Preaction™ Plan from “Hot Links,” or as you read through relevant website content, it will be at your finger tips.

Topics covered in this section include:

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Month 1 “Getting Started”

Month 2 “Identify Your Risks”

Month 3 “Epidemics to Pandemics”

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