Disaster Ready People 12 Month Guide – Equip

Disaster Ready People, Inc. adheres to a three-step disaster preparedness process: Evaluate. Equip. Empower. We begin each step with our definition of the heading term and include an abbreviated explanation of what you will have accomplished upon completion of each step.

Again, we use a verb. This time the word “Equip” implies a great deal of action will be required on both our parts. A quick glance at the dictionary gives the following definition of equip: “to provide somebody or something with necessities: to provide somebody or something with what is needed for a particular activity or purpose, e.g. with the appropriate tools, supplies, parts, or clothing.”

The purpose of step two in our three-step process is for us to educate you on what is required to successfully shelter in-place or evacuate in order to survive disaster. It’s up to you to do the actual equipping for you and your family.

Topics in this section include:

Month 4 “Your Contacts List”

Month 5 “Your Family Communication Plan”

Month 6 “Should You Stay?”

Month 7 “Should You Go?”

Month 8 “Planning for Your Pets”

Month 9 “Your Evacuation Plan”

Month 10 “Medical History”

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