Firestorm® Editorial Policy

Firestorm empowers people to manage risk and crises. Access to timely accurate information is critical for those making effective decisions in a crisis. Firestorm, a nationally recognized expert, is committed to providing access to information via free webinars, newsletters, blogs, social media, our websites, and white papers.

Firestorm provides information based upon national standards, public sources, best practices, and years of experience and expertise from our staff, Expert Council™, and Firestorm Principals,  in planning for, managing, and recovering from disasters and crises. Content is peer vetted prior to sharing.

“What should we do now?”     “What should we say?”

How anyone answers the question “What should we do now?” can have far reaching implications for their family, company or organization. Often, these questions are complex and require far more information than is readily available from traditional media and publicly available sources.

Crises have impacts – for good and bad. Every crisis is a combination of opportunity and danger from its onset. Initial critical decisions, crisis communications, monitoring of events, and adjustments made to strategy as events develop will determine which it ultimately becomes.  A company’s reputation, brand, legacy, and profitability hang in the balance in a crisis. Doing the wrong thing or doing nothing may set a road to ruin with no off-ramp.  Conversely, making good decisions and implementing them can see your community or your company exit from a crisis stronger.

The Firestorm editorial mission is to assist in building strong Disaster Ready People and Disaster Ready Businesses. Firestorm recognizes that every crisis is a human crisis. Firestorm will seek to show the “Face” of a crisis.

Firestorm editorial policy is to provide actionable information, insights, and advice in real-time at no cost via multiple media/medium to the widest possible audience. Wherever possible, Firestorm will partner with those organizations that share this mission. The Firestorm editorial policy is grounded in the extensive Firestorm crisis management and business continuity intellectual property developed over the years.

Firestorm is an independent voice. Our editorial goal is to assist others in transforming crisis into value. Wherever possible, Firestorm will make every effort to reach out on a one-on-one basis to anyone accessing Firestorm information to address individual issues and concerns and answer questions.  Every Firestorm broadcast or story will include an opportunity to access additional Firestorm materials and information.

Firestorm is the premier CRISIS COACH®. Firestorm expertise is crisis management, critical decision support, crisis communications, crisis public relations, and consequence management.