Early Morning Explosion Destroys North Bend Businesses

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As reported by multiple news sources, an early morning explosion suspected to be as a result of a natural gas leak, leveled businesses and damaged surrounding residences including a senior living facility in North Bend, WA this morning.


From KIROTV: A massive natural gas explosion at a North Bend business destroyed three buildings and damaged several others, blowing out windows and doors.

Residents said they heard a large explosion Friday about 3:45 a.m. on East North Bend Way.


Eastside fire crews were quickly at the scene at a strip mall  and had the fire under control early Friday, but authorities did order an evacuation of some nearby apartments because of concerns of the potential for additional gas explosions.

The strip mall had a pizza restaurant,  barber shop,  dance studio and a 76 gas station.

According to authorities, the explosion was believed to be centered in either a pizza restaurant that was undergoing renovations,or a barber shop.  Both businesses were destroyed.

The restaurants known as The Pizza Place, which has been closed for several years, was reduced to a pile of splintered wood, broken glass and debris.  A barber shop next door is charred and smoking.  A dance studio was knocked off its foundation and left leaning precariously.

The explosion also damaged neighboring businesses, breaking glass and blowing out doors.   Five vehicles inside a Les Schwab tire shop were destroyed. Some roll up doors were buckled.

The debris field is several blocks.  Some debris is hanging on power lines, and 200 customers are without power. 

Power has been shut off and Puget Sound Energy crews have contained the natural gas, Eastside fire spokesperson Josie Williams said.

As business leaders, we must prepare for any contingency – in this instance, not only are there businesses destroyed, but roads are closed in the surrounding area and power and gas shut down as the scene is investigated.


If your business suffered a business interruption, even for a few hours, how would you communicate to employees? To customers? To vendors? How quickly could you re-group and put your plan in play?

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