Cybersecurity: Before, During and After a Breach – DRJ Webinar Announcement

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Firestorm President COO Jim Satterfield, Managing Director of Business Crisis Practice, Jack Healey, and COO of MIR3, Ann Pickren, are joining together to present a Disaster Recovery Journal cyber-security webinar.

Today, 80 percent of corporate assets are likely virtual, dramatically increasing the risk of cyber crime. In this webinar, attendees will learn how business continuity professionals can prepare for the possibility, mitigation and follow-up in the case of a cyber breach.Register Webinar Image

The webinar will focus on providing essential, accurate and timely information to stakeholders before, during and after a breach. Jim, Jack and Ann will teach attendees to identify and prioritize target audiences, and engage the proper channels of communications for effective internal and external communications.

Attendees will find out why it’s important that response evolves beyond traditional communication outlets, like press releases and conferences, to new communications venues like social media, Internet, intranet, email, text messaging, mass notification and toll-free lines.

Attendees will learn how to manage and communicate over the five phases of cyber attack:

  • Prepare for the impacts of a breach on your company and its employees
  • Recognize the breach, engage response teams and alert employees
  • Assess the extent of the breach and impact on the company and its stakeholders
  • Respond and focus on recovery processes and notifications by mobilizing appropriate resources
  • Analyze impacts, responses and document findings

Join nationally known crisis experts Ann Pickren Jim Satterfield, and Jack Healey, CPA/CFF, CFE, as they share their insights in the world of cyber-security as it relates to the business continuity professional.drj firestorm and MIR3


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