The Firestorm Methodology


Firestorm differentiates itself from other business continuity and crisis management service providers with its unique PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® process which is the foundation for a next-generation suite of consulting services, tools and software to create resilient, disaster-ready organizations.

Firestorm approach is to support senior management in the critical decision process to meet an organization’s fiduciary and governance responsibilities. This involvement accomplishes buy-in and active support of the overall planning process and, more importantly, facilitates coordination in the event of a crisis situation. Increasing awareness and obtaining agreement on the vulnerabilities, decision criteria, action plans, coordination, as well as execution, is critical to the success of any disaster mitigation planning process.


  • Assess your current readiness level;
  • Identify and classify the critical risks;
  • Ascertain critical decisions, analyze gaps;
  • Identify infrastructure needs; and
  • Define reporting and investigating requirements.

The PLAN Phase

  • Develop the strategy;
  • Construct the plan, including policies & procedures;
  • Identify key personnel; and
  • Develop training and awareness programs.


  • Establish protocols for implementation
  • First responder/community involvement;
  • Communications;
  • Test exercises;
  • Audits/reviews, updates, and compliance.