Welcome to the Church Mutual Crisis Prevention and Management Materials resource page. Church Mutual has partnered with Firestorm to provide you with a comprehensive group of resources to enhance your current emergency/crisis preparedness program. Below is a description of the Crisis Prevention and Management Materials available to you. Please fill in and submit the form at the end of this page to access the materials.


Physical Security Site Inspection DIY Checklist

This checklist provides a critical tool for evaluating your physical security/workplace violence prevention efforts and gathering suggestions to improve your workplace security initiatives. The inspection helps to detect security issues and to identify potential security problems.


Employee Workplace Security Assessment Survey

This checklist provides a valuable tool for evaluating your workplace violence prevention efforts from the perspective of your employees. This survey will help detect security issues within your organization as identified by your employees and gather suggestions to improve your overall security.


Leadership Workplace Security Assessment Survey

Taking proactive measures to safeguard sensitive areas, limit access, establish key control measures, issue photo identification and monitor computer usage are necessary risk management practices. This survey will help leadership identify your organization’s readiness to respond to security-related incidents or acts of violence in the workplace.


Emergency/Security Preparedness Guide DIY Template

This guide focuses on the four primary response protocols – Evacuation, Shelter, Lockdown, and Lockout with detailed actions for leading emergency response efforts for scenarios including, fire, bomb threat, severe weather, HAZMAT, medical, and utility outage.


Behaviors of Concern and Violence DIY Handbook

Recognizing behaviors that may lead to an act of violent behavior is your first step to preparedness. This handbook will help you to develop a process for identifying, reporting, and responding to behaviors of concern, verbal threats, and physical acts of violence in your work environment.


Service Event Activation Matrix

Knowing your available options and how to respond mitigates impacts to your most critical asset – your people. This matrix deals with the first seconds/minutes as an event unfolds and focuses only on immediate life/safety response by trained Ushers. The protocols to follow include EVACUATION, SHELTER, LOCKDOWN, and LOCKOUT.


Disaster Ready People Book

When our families are safe and prepared for life’s disasters, it enables us to meet our professional responsibilities and commitments.  Firestorm has put together a program focused on helping families plan for disasters before they occur. Like anything worth doing, the creation of a plan to protect our families requires a little work, and this book helps to organize a plan to keep your loved ones prepared and ready for the future.


Crisis STOP® Initial First Hour Crisis Support by Firestorm

You may contact Firestorm for virtual assistance in the critical first hour of a crisis for support in stabilizing your incident. The Firestorm Crisis STOP® crisis management service provides you with an experienced Firestorm Crisis Coach® who can immediately provide knowledge and guidance to prevent many common mistakes, thereby reducing frequency, severity, and brand/reputation damage.


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