As you actively evacuate, draw on information you have researched and stay tuned to radio and television broadcasts; their updates will guide you in the right direction (north, south, east or west).

The Emergency Alert System (EAS), formerly the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS), is a coordinated organization that provides emergency alerts across the country. You’ve probably heard them on TV; normal programming is interrupted by a special tone followed by information scrolling along the bottom of your television screen. To identify this alert, go to and click on “Listen to the E.A.S. tones” at the bottom of the page.

Radio stations will interrupt programming for a verbal alert and will provide better local news coverage than television. Streaming online broadcasts are another source of real-time emergency notification and updates, if they are still available when needed.

You already have a sense of what your local media provides, so keep that in mind when choosing a source for news during an emergency situation.

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