Workplace Violence in the Health Care Industry

Workplace Violence in the Health Care Industry – California Adopts Senate Bill 1299

People do not just snap. There are warning signs, red flags, cues, signals – but often they are not considered to be of a serious nature, so they are not reported. Whether violence or cyberbullying, there are warning signs and indicators. Missing recognition of behaviors of concern or failing to listen to what is being said empowers escalation to violence.

Workplace violence, including in the health care industry, is a serious issue.  The legislation that the California Senate Bill 1299 sets forth is an effort to focus on “prevention” through effective training, awareness and systems at a broader level than has been done in the past.

This brief, authored by Jeff Hamilton (Nexis Preparedness Systems President and Firestorm Principal), discusses the importance of preparedness prior to an incident of workplace violence occurring.

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