Workplace Violence: How To Stop The Madness?

Workplace violence fear is an increasing concern nationally. Do you know what to look for before violence comes to work? How do your plans reduce these risks and threats?Workplace Violence Virtual Exercise

On February 8, Firestorm® teamed with key national partners for an expanded 120-minute, no-fee virtual workplace violence crisis exercise.

Led by Jim Satterfield, Firestorm President and Chief Operating Officer, and joined by Suzy Loughlin, Firestorm Co-Founder and CAO, the exercises were interactive; illustrating the various phases of an escalating violence incident: how to respond, what to communicate and response to the unexpected and unknown.

Companies from around the world gathered their teams in conference rooms and virtually, and participated in this valuable exercise.

The exercise allowed participants to experience a cyber crisis environment, learn the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of actions and communications, and view how other businesses responded to an active shooter situation.

This paper is a natural next-step, and is a compilation of active shooter crisis best practices from all of our session panelists.

Download the full brief.