Ten Cyber-Crisis “Before NOW” Actions – The Heavyweights Weigh In

Every business faces escalating cyber risk. A cyber breach is a business crisis, not an IT crisis. How do you know if your cyber-breach response plan will work? There are two choices: wait for a cyber breach or test your plan now, before a crisis.

Organizations from around the world have gathered their teams in conference rooms and virtually participated in Cyber-Breach Stress Test Crisis Exercises led by nationally recognized crisis expert Jim Satterfield and a team of experts from Law, Finance, Technology and other fields..

The exercises allow participants to experience a cyber crisis environment, learn the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of actions and communications, and view how other businesses respond to a cyber crises.

This paper is a natural next-step, and is a compilation of Cyber Crisis best practices from session panelists.

Cyber crisis