Communicable Illness – The Heavyweights Weigh In

On June 14, Firestorm® teamed with key national partners for an expanded 120-minute, no-fee virtual communicable illness exercise.

Led by Jim Satterfield, Firestorm President and Chief Operating Officer, the exercise was interactive; testing team’s responses to the potential impacts of a disease outbreak, including impacts on physical comm illnessinfrastructure, lost work, lost revenue, lost wages and lost personnel. In a pandemic, everyone feels the impact whether they become infected or not.

This corresponding paper is based upon the virtual exercise and answers the most common questions asked regarding communicable illness and impacts.

Unlike the disasters for which most companies, schools and organizations plan, a disease outbreak will test the resolve and strain the resources of even the most robust organization. The current assumptions about an outbreak’s duration push the boundaries of most existing absence from work policies. The strain on every aspect of daily life – from the delivery of goods and services to the support of the national infrastructure – will be tested. Organizations must thoroughly examine and test their outbreak and communicable illness response plans, management practices and policies, and test, refine and implement policies that address the long timeline of an illness event.

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