Begin to Evaluate the Actual Risks You Face

Assessing the actual dangers you face will lead naturally to their discussion. You already have a sense of the basics because you know if your community faces the possibility of hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, or wildfires. You also probably know if you live in a flood zone, but this can be less obvious than you might think. If you have any doubt, we will tell you how to make a free flood plain map of your own property.

You know that when a pandemic or global epidemic actually takes hold, everyone is endangered. You also understand that large cities and military installations are, historically, more likely to be targets of terrorism than rural areas. Begin by making a list of the perils to which you know you are subject. These are the obvious hazards but you will still need to do some research to discover what other factors exist in your area. In the next section we will address how to find out about these less conspicuous vulnerabilities.

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