Benefits of Improved Health Care Communication Education and Training

Research has consistently demonstrated the benefits of communication education and training for health care providers. Efficient health…

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Mental Health Care Must Remain Priority Within Disaster and Emergency Response Profession

Stress Thumbnail

I have previously written about the urgent need to address mental health support for those who work…

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Germs in the Workplace: Communicating Health Information for Wellness

washing hands

Germs are tiny microorganisms that exist all around us and are invisible to the human eye. There…

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Healthcare-Associated Infections: Study Finds Super-Bugs Hitchhike on Health Care Providers

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are a threat to patient safety. Prevention and reduction of healthcare-associated infections is a…

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The Future of Logistical Resupply for Disaster Management, Response and Recovery

One of the basic preparedness rules for successful disaster response and recovery is the principle that one…

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Decision-Making and Communication Errors Blamed for Deadly Jet Crash

Over the years, I have examined several “cockpit communication breakdowns” that resulted in endangering aircraft in flight…

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Health Communication Priorities for Recent Rise in Mumps Outbreaks

Mumps Mumps is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus. It typically starts with a few…

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Improving Productivity, Participation and Satisfaction in Business Meetings

In my years of teaching organizational and leadership communication one recurring topic centers on the challenge of…

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(Mis)communication And Deadly Medical Errors

One area where communication failures and breakdowns too frequently put lives at risk is found in the…

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The Coming Leap Second Clock Adjustment: A Little Prevention is Worth The Effort


For those of you who remember the disaster mitigation and recovery planning that was associated with the…

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