8 Telework and Social Distancing Points for Employer Communicable Illness Plans

A Communicable Illness Plan (CIP) should primarily focus on describing expected actions of, as well as coordination…

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Transitioning Employees: Managing Crisis and Risk through the Termination Process

Smart business owners and managers now realize that it is not a matter of if the company…

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The Greatest Workplace Violence Threat to Employees is Denial

Disaster Denial Notebook

All too often in working with clients after an episode of workplace violence, we hear: “I never…

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VIDEO: Dealing With Crisis in America

Recently, Firestorm Co-founder and current KeySolutions President Harry Rhulen appeared on The Bridge with friend of Firestorm,…

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Workplace Violence: You’re Focused on the Wrong Things


“If you go to guns, you’ve failed,” former CIA protective agent Steve Tarani Have you ever listened…

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Planning for New and Emerging Risks: The White House Report on Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Economy

White House Report on Artificial Intelligence

On December 20, 2016, in order to ready the United States for a future in which artificial…

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Planning for the Unplannable in 2017

Predict Sign

Masullo: Recently, in an interview with Firestorm President Jim Satterfield, we wrapped up “The Year in Crisis.”…

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Are You Prepared for the Top 5 Cyber Risks of 2017?

experian 4th annual data breach forecast 2017

While many companies have data breach preparedness on their radar, it takes constant vigilance to stay ahead…

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Reducing Risk by Establishing a Drug-Free Workplace

Employers Association Forum Logo

Our partners at Employers Association Forum (EAF) have tons of great insight and provide information about current…

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