After the Fire – Saving Bevin Bell

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After the Fire – Saving Bevin Bell


Factory fire puts company’s future in danger

Dave Flora, Principal Firestorm

Terribly sad news from East Hampton, CT over the Memorial Day weekend where firefighters spent the day putting out hotspots at the historic Bevin Bell factory that burned to the ground over the weekend.

Factory fire puts company’s future in danger:

That company is the only remaining bell factory in the United States.  The loss appears to be complete with not only the factory and workplace to six generations of employees lost, but also the front office building, containing the records and  history of this 180 year old manufacturer.  It appears that lightening may have been the cause of the fire.
The worst crisis any one of us will ever experience is the one that happens to us.

A number of difficult discussions are taking place today in meeting rooms:

  • Will we be able to save the family business?
  • Where will I work if the plant does not reopen?
  • What will be the financial impact to the city’s surrounding East Hampton in terms of lost tax revenue or business activity?

Now the secondary “consequences” take shape.

  • How to rebuild and resume business?
  • What about our employees?
  • What about our customers?
  • How will this effect our entire community?

What would you do if a natural disaster were to hit your workplace?

You can help the nice folks at Bevin Bell by visiting Keep The Bells In Belltown

You can help yourself by taking a very short survey to tell us about your  assumptions about how your business will respond to a crisis:  “What Do You Expect?

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