The Firestorm Solutions Board™

The Firestorm Solutions Board – An experienced pool of business-continuity, program management and subject matter experts with proven performance in developing business continuity programs and plans. The Firestorm Solution Board™ is comprised of trained, certified specialists with the requisite credentials and experience to provision Firestorm continuity products and services. These are the Firestorm “tactical” experts.

The Solutions Board is comprised of specialists who participate in Firestorm projects. The Solutions board is designed to bring subject matter knowledge and expertise to Firestorm and its clients.

Firestorm carefully chooses Solutions Board consultants for projects, based on the closest possible match between the consultants’ expertise and the specific needs of the client and project specifications. Clients select the Solutions Board, with its unique resources and experience, when delivering Firestorm products and services to clients. The Solutions Board is tactical while the Expert Council is strategic in focus.

A specialist on the Firestorm Solutions Board (“Specialist”) may be asked to participate in consulting projects for individual clients, or take part in other assignments where their expertise and/or credibility, will assist in or improve the outcome. Firestorm endeavors to match each Specialist to projects based upon the Specialist’s own area of expertise and the client’s needs. Firestorm selects specific individuals for each project team in order to optimize the skills required for each individual client.