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7 Steps Toward IIPP Implementation

In an article for Insurancethoughtleadership.com, by Russell Lee, Translating Safety Management Compliance, Mr. Lee articulates the struggle many employers may face when striving toward IIPP (I2P2) Implementation.
OSHA is currently in the process of developing an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (I2P2) management standard intended to be extended to all fifty states. As California is one of only fourteen states to currently have a safety management program requirement in place (Title 8, Section 3203), significant attention has been paid to California’s program, the perceived costs and benefits of making safety program management mandatory, and the lessons learned along the way.

States Lee in his article: “Unfortunately, many companies are leery of requesting on-site help, and it is not at all clear whether the web-enabled support helps companies struggling with the core issue of day-to-day management of their safety program.”

NACOSH Recommendation

From June 2011: NACOSH recommends that OSHA keep the Injury Illness Prevention Program proposed rule as the highest priority in its regulatory agenda by keeping it on a timely schedule as it moves through the regulatory process. NACOSH recommends the following:

  1. OSHA should consider including an evaluation component as part of the proposed Injury Illness Prevention Program.
  2. OSHA, together with NIOSH, should collect the best available evidence to promulgate the final rule. All stakeholders, including but not limited to workers, unions, employers and State Plans should be included in any activity in this area.
  3. NACOSH reiterates its February 14, 2011 recommendation that OSHA, NIOSH and other appropriate parties convene a symposium to address best practices of small, medium and large workplaces on the Injury and Illness Prevention Program rule.

In Mr. Lee’s article for Insurancethoughleadership, he outlines 7 steps toward I2P2 implementation, and includes a sample template that will help you begin.

Read the full article here at Insurancethoughtleadership.com and let us know what you think.


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