7 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Workplace Violence

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As we watch the news, incidents of workplace violence and active shooters are continually covered and presented…

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From Claims Journal: Staying Ahead of Workplace Violence by Identifying Behaviors of Concern

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From ClaimsJournal.com Claims Journal’s Denise Johnson sat in on a recent Firestorm and University of Alabama webinar…

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Video: Active Shooter Risk on the Rise

Firestorm Partner McGowan Programs Active Shooter Video

There’s a new insurance market emerging in light of a disturbing reality in today’s world – active…

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A Disruptive Approach – Active Shooter Exposures and Predictive Programs

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More and more, we are reminded that acts of violence occur everywhere – educational institutions, public and…

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New Research Suggests Physical Brain Injury as A Cause of Psychological Trauma and PTSD

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In military, law enforcement, industrial and disaster management contexts, traumatic stress symptoms and post-traumatic stress disorders have…

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Workplace Violence Prevention – Don’t skimp on vigilance

Earlier this year, Firestorm CEO Harry Rhulen and Firestorm CAO Suzy Loughlin sat down with Business Insurance…

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Senior Care’s Emerging Threats – A Point of View Paper from McGowan

McGowan Program Administrators Logo Deadly Weapons Program

The following is republished in-part by permission of Mcgowan Program Administrators (MPA). Learn more and download this…

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Terrorism or Lone Wolf – Workplace Violence Exposures

Firestorm CEO Harry Rhulen recently spoke to Bob Lenihan for Business Insurance Magazine on the subject of…

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Relating Ghostbusters to Bomb Threat Checklists


There’s a scene from “Ghostbusters” in which Harold Ramis’s character, Dr. Egon Spengler, is asked what he…

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CBS Moneywatch – Jim Satterfield on Active Shooter Countermeasures

Firestorm President Jim Satterfield was pleased to speak with CBS Moneywatch’s Ed Leefeldt recently, on the subject of…

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