School Districts have an Opportunity BEFORE Violence

children walking up school steps

Operating a school district in today’s world is becoming increasingly complex. Due to technology, the environment that…

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From Claims Journal: Staying Ahead of Workplace Violence by Identifying Behaviors of Concern

Claims Journal Cover

From Claims Journal’s Denise Johnson sat in on a recent Firestorm and University of Alabama webinar…

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Video: Active Shooter Risk on the Rise

Firestorm Partner McGowan Programs Active Shooter Video

There’s a new insurance market emerging in light of a disturbing reality in today’s world – active…

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A Disruptive Approach – Active Shooter Exposures and Predictive Programs

back view man with gun at side

More and more, we are reminded that acts of violence occur everywhere – educational institutions, public and…

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Locked Down vs. Locked In: The Danger of Antiquated Campus Security

Ralph Goodman

Firestorm welcomes this Guest Post by Ralph Goodman, a professional writer and the resident expert on locks…

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A Year Out from Tragedy – From Charleston SC to Orlando FL

It’s been a year since Dylann Roof fatally shot nine black worshippers attending a Bible study group…

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School Violence: How to Stop the Madness

On February 18, Firestorm hosted more than 500 schools for a Virtual School Violence Stress Test.  Groups…

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Join Firestorm and our partners, Thursday, February 18th VIRTUAL ACTIVE SHOOTER EXERCISE FOR SCHOOLS SAVE THE DATE!…

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Three Guns, Three Schools

Ontario, Canada “I really cant stand people anymore” “I should bring a gun to school today and…

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Public School Safety and Discipline

In May 2015, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) published its “First Look” analysis of survey…

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