How to Communicate on Social Media when Tragedy Strikes: Experts Weigh In for SEMRush

Recently, I was pleased to be included in the company of some fine communications professionals for an…

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When Threats are Voiced on Social Media, Firestorm and LifeRaft are your Predictive Intelligence Team

liferaft logo

More than two million episodes of workplace violence are reported annually in the United States. In many…

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Poké-Go or Poké-No? – Are You Using Common Sense to ‘Catch ‘Em All’?

What is Pokemon Go?

Picture this:  you are visiting an outdoor ice cream shop and see a man running through the…

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Re-imagine Resilience – Bay Area Emergency Managers Conference


Firestorm is pleased to once again support and participate in the Bay Area Emergency Managers (BAEM) Conference,…

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Open the Pod Bay Doors Hal

Dave Bowman: Hello, HAL. Do you read me, HAL? HAL: Affirmative, Dave. I read you. Dave Bowman:…

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Babysitting of the Internet – Periscope Introduces Increased Comment Moderation

Firestorm Student with smartphone

In an attempt to fight the risk of spam and abuse through their live streaming video app,…

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Lemonade, Queen Bey and Rachael Ray – the Potentially Serious Consequences of a Silly Thing

This past weekend, a silly bit of Twitterverse crowd-shaming occurred, and it mistakenly disrupted business for a…

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Predictive Actionable Intelligence Article

Karen Masullo EVP Firestorm 2016

Prior to my current career, I worked in the career transition industry. While the delivery model has…

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Social Media The New Face of Disaster Response Infographic

An international study conducted by researchers at the Universidad of Madrid, National Information Communications Technology Australia and…

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Don’t Let Your Brand Disappear

Cyber Security 1

Anonymous messaging apps are not going to disappear. Your brand and reputation, however, can and will disappear…

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