Real News, Viral News or Clickbait in Wait?

On 23 September 2016, the Associated Media Coverage fake news site, which has now re-branded itself as…

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New Video Feature from the IRL Features Firestorm CEO

person using a tablet to view the Insurance Services Network website

Our friends at The Letter, the monthly publication from The Insurance Services Network, introduce a new feature…

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9-Step Cheatsheet for Negotiating Risk in Business – An Infograph

9 step risk cheatsheet

We recently found this infographic and found value in its graphic image of Risk; risk is one…

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Cyber Perspective – Payment Card Losses

JLT Specialty Insurnce

Recently, our partners at JLT Specialty USA released an analysis brief on the P.F. Chang’s cyber breach…

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Jim Satterfield Introduces the Risk Management Spotlight


The Team at the Insurance Research Letter is pleased to partner with Firestorm to bring to The…

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Can an Earthquake Probability Tool Predict the Next Financial Market Shift?

stock market

One of the bragging points for NASA has been the benefits of spin-off commercial projects that stem…

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Cyber Security Starts With You – Analysis of the 2016 National Preparedness Report

national preparedness report banner

  Written by: Jack Healey, CPA/CFF, CFE – Managing Director Business Crisis Practice, Firestorm   The 2016…

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Why Do People Still Use Pathetic Passwords?

Earlier this week, Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked with a person familiar with the…

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Kidnap and Ransom: A Growing Global Threat

Scott Lockman

Recently, Firestorm CEO Harry Rhulen appeared in a cover article on Crisis as a Peril (Part III)…

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Crisis as a Peril™ Part III

Crisisas a Peril Stamp 20160325300 px

Crisis as a Peril™ Part Three Crisis is an unusual business. More and more, Crisis as a…

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