Protecting the Public through Common Sense Care


Norovirus outbreaks are common throughout the food service industry. Restaurants of every size have been threatened by…

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Workplace Violence in the Health Care Industry – California Adopts Senate Bill 1299

Patient attacks with pipe

The following is part of a larger paper by Firestorm Principal and Nexis Preparedness Systems CEO Jeffrey…

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Swift Hack – Three Banks and More to Come?


Banks and financial organizations must heed current warnings issued after a massive heist against Bangladesh Central Bank,…

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Preparing for Hurricane Season with the Lessons of Sandy

sandy 1

Stretching from June 1 – November 30, the 2016 Hurricane Season is quickly approaching. In preparation of…

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Emergency Department Drug Shortages – The Next Healthcare Crisis

Recent headlines have raised an alarming warning concerning a worsening shortfall in available Emergency Department medications  (Drug…

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Internet of Things – The Risk Isn’t Just to Security

Lock and Key

There are an increasing number of articles in the business and technical press about two inter-related topics…

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How to Improve Mass Notification Response, Part III

Cyber Security 1

Firestorm partner, MIR3, presents the final entry in How to Improve Mass Notification Response series. Two final…

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Rate of Change – The Unseen Crisis

This article is the second in the Crisis as a Peril™ series authored by Firestorm CEO Harry…

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Tips for Improving Your Evacuation Maps


Having read thousands of emergency response plans, here are a few tips for improving your evacuation maps….

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As Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler


My last two posts (Clarity in Communications and Leadership and Technology)  concerned the choice of words that…

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