Relating Ghostbusters to Bomb Threat Checklists


There’s a scene from “Ghostbusters” in which Harold Ramis’s character, Dr. Egon Spengler, is asked what he…

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Business and Personal Travel Safety – Zika and the Summer Olympics Rio 2016

Traveling executives face broad risks as a normal course of conducting international business, ranging from health emergencies…

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The Lessons of Flint – Firestorm CEO Harry Rhulen talks to ASIS

The crisis in Flint, Michigan, which resulted in local residents ingesting dangerous levels of lead from their…

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Poké-Go or Poké-No? – Are You Using Common Sense to ‘Catch ‘Em All’?

What is Pokemon Go?

Picture this:  you are visiting an outdoor ice cream shop and see a man running through the…

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Cyber Security Starts With You – Analysis of the 2016 National Preparedness Report

national preparedness report banner

  Written by: Jack Healey, CPA/CFF, CFE – Managing Director Business Crisis Practice, Firestorm   The 2016…

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Bad Ideas in a Crisis – Whatcha’ Gonna’ Do?

Firestorm Crisis business meeting from above

Firestorm Expert Council member and Co-founder of Stybel Peabody in Boston, MA, Larry Stybel, Ph.D. recently wrote…

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CBS Moneywatch – Jim Satterfield on Active Shooter Countermeasures

Firestorm President Jim Satterfield was pleased to speak with CBS Moneywatch’s Ed Leefeldt recently, on the subject of…

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2016 Updates to Handbook for Campus Safety and Security


The U.S. Department of Education recently released the 2016 edition of The Handbook for Campus Safety and…

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Regional Flooding Highlights Need for All-hazard Planning


More people die in floods than any other disaster type; making it the number one natural disaster…

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Temperatures Are Climbing, Are you Rising to the Challenge? – 8 Ways to Protect Employees at Work and Home from the Heat

Extreme Heat

A deadly heatwave stretching across the entire Southwest has brought with it record-breaking numbers. Temperatures climbed to…

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