Context, Hedgehogs, and Critical Thinking – Insights by Guy Higgins

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I recently read an article online. I’m not going to provide specifics because the specifics aren’t important…

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How a Disaster on the Opposite Side of the Globe Can Impact Your Business

supply chain risk

By: Jim Satterfield, Firestorm CEO/President/Co-Founder, and Candace Kaiser, Firestorm Content Marketing Manager The world experienced two very…

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Does Your Organization Take Longer to Recover from a Crisis than Most?

Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred (minutes). Reading that sentence may, or may not, have sparked a…

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You May be Guilty of Using These 5 Excuses to Avoid Crisis Planning

Preparing for a disaster may not be at the top of everyone’s to-do list. Deadlines, proposals, and…

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What ‘The Office’ has Taught us about Crisis Communication

‘The Office’ is an easily quotable television show. Between quirky Dunder Mifflin Paper Company Regional Manager Michael…

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Firestorm #TopJobs: IMMEDIATE Need for Cyber Security Assessor (Springfield, IL) | Business Continuity Analyst (Charlotte, NC)

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Contract – Cyber Security Assessor – IMMEDIATE NEED Springfield, IL IMMEDIATE NEED Position: Cyber Security Assessor Location:…

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Whether an Airline or a School Bus Company – Response is the Same

First, some background: On May 17th of this year, there was a horrific New Jersey School Bus…

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Is your Oxytocin showing? How trust matters in a crisis

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Firestorm encourages thought leadership across a variety of industries. We are pleased to share insights from guest…

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Firestorm #TopJobs: Business Continuity Consultant (Immediate Need) and Emergency Preparedness Manager

Business Continuity Consultant – 2 Openings Chicago, IL Job Posting #2982 Position: Business Continuity Consultant – 2 Openings…

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