How to Improve Mass Notification, Part II

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In the previous post in this series, Firestorm partner, MIR3, discussed how consistency and clarity around messaging…

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Lemonade, Queen Bey and Rachael Ray – the Potentially Serious Consequences of a Silly Thing

This past weekend, a silly bit of Twitterverse crowd-shaming occurred, and it mistakenly disrupted business for a…

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Lessons Observed. Lessons Admired. Lessons Learned?

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When organizations implement business continuity or continuity of operations programs, it’s important that the organizations plan to…

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Everybody Has Problems… Even GoToWebinar™ – Virtual Cyber Exercise Rescheduled for May 25

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When you are in the crisis management business, you expect others to be in crisis, not you….

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Employee Amputations Spotlight The Need for Greater Focus On Workplace Safety


I have previously written about the issue of workplace accidents, injuries and fatalities calling for greater remedial…

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Crisis as a Peril – A Disruptive Approach to Insuring Crisis

CRISIS AS A PERIL™ HOW DO YOU PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.®? What is the biggest risk your organization faces? If…

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Zika Outbreak: Mindfulness and Caution called for

An obscure virus, known for years and long considered a minor affliction, suddenly spreads and causes hitherto…

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How to Improve Mass Notification Response Rates, Part I


Readers are fickle. You could write the best notification in the history of notification, but it still…

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Brussels – March 2016: Resilience and Terrorism

Brussels attack

Brussels – March, 2016 Another day we awake to scenes of unspeakable violence.  The camera’s eye is…

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Time for the Tax Phishers

Overview Throughout the year, scam artists pose as legitimate entities—such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), other…

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