Schools Can Prevent Violence

Operating a school district in today’s world is becoming increasingly complex. Due to technology, the environment that…

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First Harvey, Now Heavy Rainfall – Texas Battles Significant Flooding for the Second Year

Flooding occurs in every U.S. state and territory and kills more people per year than tornadoes, hurricanes…

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The Violence Prevention Formula – Part 2: Anonymous Reporting

Social media applications on a smartphone

We previously discussed how to identify behaviors of concern that may lead to violence or self harm, but…

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Why You Should Avoid Instant Messaging Services for Emergency Communications

A communication plan is absolutely critical in a crisis environment. During a crisis or disaster, the decisions you make,…

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5 Ways to Survive an Active Shooter Event

Active Shooter

Q&A with Former Secret Service Agent and Firestorm Chief Security Officer, Jason Russell You’re watching the evening…

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Just Thinkin’ About Robots, IoT and AI – Insights by Guy Higgins

Abstract Artificial Intelligence

Cyber security continues to receive intense scrutiny (and some severe criticism), and I’ve been thinking about that….

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Jim Squire, Firestorm Chief Development Officer, Reelected to IFA’s Board of Trustees

Jim Squire, Firestorm Chief Development Officer

Firestorm Chief Development Officer, Jim Squire, was recently reelected to the board of trustees of the International…

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Worlds Away: The Disaster You Didn’t See Coming

A volcano is erupting on the same island recovering from an earthquake and a tsunami. More disturbing…

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From Phoenix to Charlotte – The Firestorm Team Speaks Across the Country

CCA Conference Panel

Disaster Recovery Journal 2018 Fall World The Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) Fall World hosted their 59th Conference…

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