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“What should we do now?” “What should we say?”

How you answer the question “What should we do now?” can have far reaching implications for your company or organization.  Preparedness and Resiliency are key brand attributes for every company. Crises come as surprises. Control of events and message are lost. Impacts accelerate. Public scrutiny intensifies.

Are you ready? How do you know? Are you sure?

Most executives are trained to make decisions based upon information, data, and policy. In a crisis,
•    Information is generally wrong
•    Data is not available
•    Policies do not exist
•    Command & Control is lost
•    Brand & reputation are under attack
•    Leadership is involved and engaged personally
•    Impacts are disproportional
•    Events are escalating
•    Speed is quality or even survival
•    You are the center of media focus

The above dynamics work aggressively against traditional empirical management decision processes. Decisions must be made quickly with limited and often incorrect information. A crisis is not business as usual. A crisis is business as unusual. Crises have a short duration, but have consequences that can determine the viability of a business or organization for years to come. If you are explaining, you are losing.

Crises have impacts – for good and bad. Every crisis starts with a combination of opportunity and danger. Where the risk/crisis conundrum balances depends upon your initial critical decisions, your crisis communications, your monitoring of events, and your adjustments made to strategy and actions as events develop.  Your company’s reputation, brand, legacy, and profitability hang in the balance in a crisis.  Crises are personal. Every crisis is a human crisis. It is your company. It is your people. It is your brand. It is your reputation. It is your career. Doing the wrong thing or doing nothing can create a point of no return.

In a Crisis now? 770-643-1114

FIRESTORM® transforms crisis into value.  The FIRESTORM PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® methodology combines C-Suite level consulting, dynamic software solutions, and proven crisis management expertise to empower clients to create resilient organizations. FIRESTORM is a nationally recognized leader in Crisis Management, Continuity Planning, Critical Decision Support, Crisis Response, Crisis Communications, Crisis Public Relations, and Consequence Management.




SchoolsBrochure2SCHOOL PREPAREDNESS - simplifying Preparedness

Every member of the school community wants to know that students, faculty and staff will be safe at your school. While most schools have thought about natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, and human-induced threats, such as school violence and sexual abuse, new threats appear each year. With the rise in social media threats, like cyber bullying and sexting, as well as new forms of communicable illness, it is necessary that schools be continually updating their plans. Learn More: 


View Recorded Webinars with our School Partners Renweb, Tennessee Association of Independent Schools, and Georgia Independent Schools Association:



INSIGHTS PAPER: Arming Teachers Disarms Planning – Armed Teachers in Classroom – A Firestorm Insights Paper With Harry Rhulen, CEO




Firestorm® Announces Launch of Business Crisis-Risk™ Prevention & Performance Group

Jack Healey(Atlanta, Georgia) Firestorm Solutions, LLC, (Firestorm®) a leading provider of crisis management solutions and services, announced today the formation of the Firestorm Business Crisis-Risk™ Prevention & Performance Group. The newly formed practice group focuses on the operational, governance and human impacts that crises have upon a business. Using the Firestorm PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM® process, the group has developed a unique, proprietary Business Crisis Predictive Diagnostic Model ™, which allows company leadership to understand and identify the underlying ‘crisis-risk’ factors imbedded in their businesses and to predict impending business crises before they arise...(Read full release)

Firestorm Welcomes Newest Member to its Expert Council - Dr. Kris Mohandie

Dr. Kris Mohandie ImageDr. Kris Mohandie is a clinical, police and forensic psychologist with over twenty-five years of experience in the assessment and management of violent behavior. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) in Police and Public Safety Psychology and also holds a diplomate from the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology.

He has worked in field responses and case investigations for local, state and federal law enforcement organizations including LAPD’s Threat Management Unit, SWAT/Crisis Negotiation Team and the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Program. He regularly consults on workplace violence, extreme violence, college and university and K-12 school violence, stalking and threat cases in the private and public sector through his company, Operational Consulting International, Inc. His book, School Violence Threat Management came out in 2000 and is now in its second printing.

Dr. Mohandie regularly trains and consults to schools and universities throughout North America after developing... Read his full bio

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NewBookCoverFirestorm founders Harry Rhulen and Jim Satterfield wrote Disaster Ready People for a Disaster Ready America specifically to address the need for crisis and disaster preparedness at home, and the book has become a cornerstone of many personal and corporate preparedness programs.

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FIRESTORM® transforms crisis into value.  The FIRESTORM PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® methodology combines C-Suite level consulting, dynamic software solutions, and proven crisis management expertise to empower clients to create resilient organizations. FIRESTORM is a nationally recognized leader in Crisis Management, Continuity Planning, Critical Decision Support, Crisis Response, Crisis Communications, Crisis Public Relations, and Consequence Management.

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